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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  September 5, 2016 12:35am-1:36am EDT

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"dancing with the stars." this week we finally got a look at who is vying for the mirror ball trophy on season 23. this group of potential dancers, they will not make us turn away. >> what was the lie? what was the thing you told that wasn't true? >> the thing that i told that wasn't true was having the gun pointed to my forehead. >> just moments before his live interview, gma confirmed that lochte is joining "dancing with the stars." his pairing with dance pro-cheryl burke is also she's back in season along with fan favorite max sim summer coughcy. the pros were hard at it shooting a dance sequence at l.a.'s give ith observatory. e.t. is breaking down the cast. first, the wild card. >> this is wild tv. >> that's host and model amber rose. she's paired with maks. next the politician, rick perry is the former governor of texas and a one-time presidential candidate.
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>> on a one to ten, i'm about 11.5 on the competitive scale. we came to win. >> for the nostalgia factor, it's marcia, marcia, marcia. ? here's the story ? >> maureen mccormick played marcia brady. she's 60 now and up for a challenge. >> i generally don't like to dance in public. >> this season's inspiration al story, tara the star of little women l.a. is bringing her big personality to the ballroom. >> i honestly felt like this is opening up the door for so many people not just with dwarfism but people with a disability that don't even realize they can accomplish something as grandiose as this. >> and we're calling mary lieu henner the ringer for the season. the actress can dance. she showed off her skills on taxi and even taught lessons as a team. she's teamed up with zderek. >> it's like the best party
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invited to it. >> well, you are. >> some may think the pros are more famous than the contestants. dancing audiences have known them for a decade. check out the recently surfaced audition tapes. >> what makes me a great dancer? it's what i've been through. i guess masculinity. >> on the dance floor, i'm very wild, aggressive and sexy. but off the floor, i'm very to myself. mostly like an all-american different dimension, youth, energy, the obvious good looks, and a full head of hair. >> but what sealed the deal for val? wait for it. there you go. and as for then 21-year-old derek, it was his charm. but the best story may be maks, who we met back in 2006, when he was just 13, maks broke his leg in a sledding accident and had a
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he was told he'd have to walk with a cocane, but six months later, maks was dancing again. >> why should we choose you? you don't want to look at me, fine, don't look at me. but i know 99% of the rest are going to love it. >> now, i have to take my hat off to the casting director. she always keeps us guessing and always surprised with these rick perry. >> that's all you got to say right there. dancing premieres next monday, september 12th, on abc. now, this is geared up for another big show, the emmy awards. >> my friend niececy nash. she is up for the second year in a row for the hbo series getting on. with two weeks to go before emmy night, niecy had our cameras follow her as she bounced between the sets of her two other hit shows. >> e.t., welcome to the scream
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my character was a security guard last season. >> i got nothing. >> excuse me? >> i work for the fbi now. boom. there's a new sheriff in town. >> there's a lot of hotness on the set now between john stamos and taylor lautner. a little eye candy never hurt nobody. >> between her two jobs, niecy does time for family. thank good for face time. >> good morning. >> hi, mom. >> how are you? >> i'm fine. how are you? >> behave. learn something today. and don't come home with a boyfriend. >> just like her scream queens role, mom niecy lays down the law at home, but her new gig on show time's masters of sex allows her to let loose. >> we have a lot of sex on the show. when i got this job, i was like, wait a minute. am i going to have to have sex? should i get a boob job? what's happening?
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what's going down today? >> i drive you here every day myself. >> niecy is just a couple weeks away from finding out if she'll take home emmy gold for her role on getting on. she shmoozed with other nominees at the emmy reception. >> what can i say to you about the dress? i'm going for big. >> you got to make this right. >> but win or lose, nothing could steal this golden momen party with oprah. >> i went in there and start cleaning up, and oprah says, no, no, no, you don't have to do that. i says, ma'am, yes, i do. my mother would not have it. so she was like, well, then we're all washing dishes. next thing i know, everybody is in the kitchen cleaning up, and it's a party. and i was just looking at her like, my god, i love you. >> yeah, you get a fork, you get a place. you get a dish towel. i love it. oprah in the kitchen.
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oprah talking about some steamy scenes from her new series on own that got her a little hot and bothered. >> also tom hanks on his sully struggles. also the real story behind those adorable vacation pictures with his wife. >> did you get photo approval? >> you think my wife gives me photo approval of anything? >> then three things you never knew about the beatles. our exclusive look at ron howard's new documentary. ? that'srm your underwear cleaner. so clean... . cleans so well, it keeps you could wear them a second day. charmin ultra strong. it's 4 times stronger, and you can use up to 4 times less.
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look good? looks great. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar. ?? introducing new olay eyes. a collection for the look of every eye concern. lift depuff brighten smooth or ultimately all of it. eyes express every emotion, not your age. new olay eyes. ageless. mayday, mayday. we're going to end up in the hudson. brace for impact. >> tom hanks' new movie sully is out next weekend. we talked about that film, and we also talked about splash. remember that one? his big hit from over 30 years ago. because now that movie is being remade with a twist. >> splash remake, channing
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>> fantastic. why not? give it a shot. >> the twist this time is that jillian is the human and channing is the mermaid. um, merman. >> jillian bell is going to have a blast, but she's just got to love that guy. if she can work up a romance with channing tatum, first of all, she's a better actor than i am. channing tatum, what a doof. if she can find some reason to be attracted to him, i'm rooting for her. >> tom was released in 1984. well, hanks just turned 60, and his wife rita posted this shirtless shot from their vacation. >> did you get photo approval? >> you think my wife gives me photo approval of anything. >> mine does occasionally. >> no. what my wife does is pose the photo for a very long time. put your head on my shoulder. come around into the sun just a little bit. no, let's move. >> rita might direct family
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it was clint eastwood at the helm. >> we had complicated scenes with a lot of dialogue, with a lot of people. so i said let's get together at the hotel in atlanta and recite the dialogue. i got a call, hey, the boss doesn't like you guys getting together rehearsing without him. he doesn't like that. i said, tell the boss we're not reh rehearsing. we're rekrciting. it's a big difference. >> another you might call sully himself. >> i don't like not being in control. >> he had the -- you know, the early draft of the screenplay, and it was highlighted, dog eared, notated, paper clips here and there. and he walked me through every single comment, problem, idea he had. and even in scenes that i was not in. >> i know you're not in this scene, but i want you to know --
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i highly recommend it. but i do have to say i kind of love hearing tom talk about splash, right? >> yeah. >> that movie was the first time he worked with director ron howard, and ron directed him in four more films, including apollo 13, the da vinci code, and angels and demons. >> don't forget inferno. but right now ron is hard at work on a documentary all about the beatles. you think you know the fab four? >> i think i do. >> think again. ? help, i ? help, not just anybody ? >> you remember your first memory of them? >> when they performed first, i think it was on ed sullivan. i watched that. it was so important, everybody tuned in. it was amazing. >> hello. my name is paul mccartney. >> this is ringo starr. >> on my 10th birthday, what i wants was beatle boots and a beatle wig. >> are you kidding? >> my parents couldn't find beatle boots but at the dime
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i had it. >> eric, here is the american public. >> i'm john. >> you're john. >> the director is putting that beatles love to work, directing a new documentary which included newly discovered home movies and bootlegged sound, both digitally enhanced. >> top british record, top record of the year, the beatles! >> a little magic chemistry that happened between us that seems to appeal to each generation. >> here are the directors three takeaways. first the beatles basically invented the stadium tour out of necessity. >> everybody, how do you do? >> police and local government told them that if they continued to play 10,000-person arenas
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or 40,000 people outside clamoring. they couldn't control it. >> so much pressure. ? help me if you can ? >> we're on 24 hours a day. >> second, they stood up to segregation. >> i didn't know that their first political stand, their first big controversy or issue involved what was to be a segregated concert in jacksonville, florida. they said, are you kidding me? that's ridiculous. they couldn't see the logic in it of course, but they had no id but they stuck to their guns. >> and, three, the story just feels like a hollywood movie. >> we were kids. we were all pretty scared. ? when i was young, when i was younger than today ? >> it's this ensemble tale of these young guys. they're boys at the beginning. they're men at the end, and they've been through an amazing journey. and the world, not just the country, the united states, the world has gone through a transformative period as well. >> would it surprise you to
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playing in my house when i was growing up all my life? >> you loved your music. you still do. >> this is actually the seconds documentary that ron has directed. the first one was back in 2013, made in america. remember that? that's the music festival that jay z created. >> up next, newlywed kevin hart talks about his honeymoon. >> i said baby i'm going to woo you. >> then eddie murphy gets real without his nine kids. and lady o on her diet ?
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welcome back, everybody, on this labor day weekend. you know who's working hard these days? kevin hart. from his beautiful honeymoon and got back to work on a special event last weekend. >> that is where kevin fraser got him to dish for the very first time about his new life as a married man. >> i noticed that bling on your finger. you're married now. >> i am married.
12:52 am
>> yep. this chocolate is locked up ladies. >> yeah, i'm a married man, but i'm with my family. >> you remember your wed something i remember the picture of you on the ground. do you remember the wedding? >> i woke up in the morning with grass stains on my shirt. till this day, they say i passed out. some people said i jumped in the pool for no reason at all. it got bad. it definitely got bad. that's why i don't like to drink dark. >> kevin's surprise to a portland audience who won tickets to see his new stand-up film, what now. >> i thank you from the bottom of my heart. [ applause ] >> earlier, i learned all about that hart honeymoon. >> what's your last name? >> all right, honey. h-a-r-t, hart. >> was it the dream honeymoon you always wanted? >> of course, it was. people don't know that old kevin hart got a little romantic bone.
12:53 am
>> i'm a romantic guy, you know? i took my lady to st. barts, and i said, baby, i'm going to woo you. when i get to wooing, you got nothing else. >> tell me one of the woo steps you use. >> a woo moment? >> yeah. >> i shut a restaurant down, had dinner cooked for us, a breach front -- beach front dinner. i'm a romantic guy. >> it was like a lover's holiday. >> it was lover's holiday. she's >> kevin gets major laughs out of personal stories. they drive his stand-up in the fi film. what you don't know is kevin was in a lot of pain and was hobbling because just before coming to the screening he ran in the mount hood to coast relay. >> my legs hurt. i can't feel my calves. >> how many miles did you run? >> i ran i think 18.3. >> what are you thinking? that's basically a marathon. >> it's basically a marathon.
12:54 am
want to challenge myself. you know that. >> i understand. >> i may have bit off a little more than i can chew on this one. i can't feel my calves. the only reason i'm doing this is because my eyes are half open. i didn't want to look like i'men dr -- on drugs in this interview. >> how much do i love those two? >> everybody loves them. >> by the way, my motto, camera, the couple who works out together stays bright and early they were working hard on their fitness. they both take it seriously. >> i completely agree because the gym is where i met my wife. >> i know that. you take your fitness seriously. >> let's talk eddie murphy's new movie, mr. church. it's out later this month. we're seeing a different side of eddie. the movie is a drama. kevin fraser sat down with the now dad to nine children. find out why he's been m.i.a. >> can i ask you something?
12:55 am
>> none of my children are old. >> they're grown up. >> they're grown. they're not old. none of my children are gray or balding. you have old children. >> you have grown children. >> my oldest is 27. 26, 27. and three months. >> what's that balance like? >> it's just pretty natural. it just kind of -- it's a natural thing. >> eddie heads up a modern family. he and girlfriend paige butcher and his ex-wife nicoleen bria at her premiere of amateur night. >> that's the brightest part of my life is my kids, my relationship with them and my world revolves around them. even the old gray, bald ones. i got a son, 52. >> the comic legend is back in a serious role in mr. church. he's a cook who becomes a father figure to a young girl throughout her life. >> she lives with me.
12:56 am
important thing life can offer. you gave me a family. >> why four years, eddie, between movies? >> i think it's four or five years. >> why so long? >> audiences, if they're seeing you all the time, they'll get sick of looking at your face. yo i've been around for years and years, and i've looked different from any of the other faces. if you're out there all the time, eddie murdy phy doing laugh. let me take a break and give the audience a break. after 35 years, i've been making movies and i've been blessed and been able to play everybody from an old lady to talking to the animals. i've done all this different types of stuff, and i've never done anything like this. so if you get something that you've never done before, you know, after you've been doing something all these years, that's a cool thing. >> and eddie's planning another return. >> i was thinking about doing stand-up again, and the only way you can write material for
12:57 am
the world with everybody else. >> are you going to do stand-up again? >> yeah, eventually. i'm curious to see what would come out. i write stuff all the time. eventually. >> don't play with my emotions like that, eddie, talking about stand-up. get back on the stage, man. >> can i say this right now, the greatest stand-up comedian ever. >> straight ahead, the stars of bridget jones' baby in london. >> then the conversation she's been wanting to have with steadman. >> i've not had that yet. i've been on a movie set and not near steadman, but believe me, we're going to have that.
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life. >> renee zellweger back on the big screen in bridget jones' baby is out later this month. >> carly sat down to talk to renee and colin firth, and newcomer to the franchise, patrick dempsey. >> we're on location in london outside bridget jones' actual flat. ? >> we spoke to the cast of bridget jones' baby about reuniting and of course, granny pants. >> on behalf of women everywhere, thank you for making granny pants acceptable. >> i hadn't thought about that. >> do you have a couple of pairs? >> i have a whole wardrobe. all that's going on under hear, all manx. >> are you a big fan of granny pants? >> as much as anyone can be, yes. i don't really come in contact with the granny pants. >> maybe for the next one.
1:02 am
wear a pair of granny pants? >> gosh, no. can you imagine? >> for all of us, for peace of mind for all of us. it's rude not to. >> can we talk about renee's fabulous dancing skills? i mean gangnam style, you've got that down. ? >> she >> did you want to bust out? >> no. >> he's secretly jealous, right? he's very good. >> whatever moves i might have are rooted in a different century. it's definitely not gangnam. >> after basically a six-year break from hollywood, renee has returned to her iconic role. this time she was told don't gain weight, but do strap on a
1:03 am
>> i'm pregnant? >> so we're actually at one of the locations you guys filmed at, right? >> yes. >> oh, i love being in london. my favorite scene in the movie is when we're carrying her across the bridge when she's about to give birth. >> god, bridget, you're immense. >> this is a two-man job. >> don't drop her. >> we shot close to here on the bridge. >> which of you is the father? >> i am. >> i am. >> renee has a kbbaby in this fm so did it get her thinking about >> it made me think about getting to the gym. those little guys are heavy. kudos to the mom. >> okay. no kids but how is her british slang. we thought we'd give renee and her co-stars a little test. >> i'm going to say a phrase. tell me what the american translation is. dodgy. >> might not eat that. >> don't know what to make of that person. >> ming.
1:04 am
>> i don't know. >> flagged off. >> just blown away. people blow you off, putting you down. >> yes. >> see, i got it all down. thank you. >> almost a slam dunk by dempsey, but patrick did know all the dirty ones that we couldn't air. >> carly asked him about that. speaking of being naughty, oprah was getting saucy at t premiere of queen sugar. it starts out steamy, and miss o told nancy o'dell it got her a little hot and bothered. >> i understand you got a few ideas from that opening segment. >> the dressing is just as good as the unstdressing. >> did you have the same conversation you're having with me with stedman. >> i have not had that yet. i've been on a movie set, but believe me, we're going to have that. we're going to watch that first episode together and have a
1:05 am
>> the series follows the lives of three siblings in the aftermath of their father's death. all the episodes are directed by women, including oprah's pal, who is one of few in the oprah inner circle. >> we get along. it's so easy. it's like a big sister, girlfriend for years and years that you just laugh and have fun with. >> you said you don't have a lot of friends. now i find that hard to believe. >> you're one. >> thank you. >> everybody knows thatga know, forever. but there are not many. i don't have a lot of real close relationships with other female friends. >> oprah and ava executive produced and created the series, and oprah walked the red carpet in her little black dress, and she looks amazing. >> you're looking svelte. >> thank you. it's hard to do an a movie set. it's so hard. you know, you're working those longer days and then by the end
1:06 am
bag of hot cheetos calling your name. >> i know the feeling. >> leave the craft table and ask for a plum. >> oprah, you know this happened to me the other day, right? i was on a tv show set, and i wanted something to eat. those doughnuts were calling for me. but i had pistachios. >> craft service tables can be dangerous. on the way, gene wilder remembered. we look back in the e.t. vault at his love life with gilda own words. >> love in particular turns you upside down. it throws you around. plus new barbra streisand, who is the
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? sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. humans can't resist new tiny toast ?,
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welcome back. this week the entertainment world got the news that we lost a legend. gene wilder, the man who gave us willy wonka, passed away at the age of 83 after a battle with
1:09 am
movies, theater, tv. and over the years, we were so lucky to spend many priceless moments with the comedy great. ? come with me, and you'll be in a world of pure imagination ? >> i had a wonderful career. i have no complaints. i said if this is it, i have no regrets. >> gene passed away holding hands with his family while listening to this song from one of his favorite singers, fitzgerald. ? somewhere over the rainbow ? >> by his side was his fourth wife, karen, who he introduced to us in 1995. >> we've been married for three wonderful years, and i'm happier than i've ever been in my life. in case any of you wanted to know, i am really happy. >> the star was lucky to have found love again after he lost his third wife, gilda radner to ovarian cancer in 1989.
1:10 am
>> the snl star and wilder's relationship was full of passion. >> to me, a funny man is irresistible more than any looks. >> there's always a sucker for a big laugh. >> a sucker for a laugh. i'm the best audience in the world. >> they also argued a lot. >> i would pick up a plate and throw it. i know you love me. now i know you love me. >> the year after her death, he returned to work in the comedy, funny about love. emotion was not coming out of me until i'd come home at night, sort of being exhausted. i felt relieved because i could cry, and i said, i'm finally healing. ? there is no life i know to compare with pure imagination ? >> to many, willy wonka and the chocolate factory was part of
1:11 am
gene told us he was surprised when he learned they were remaking the classic. >> i don't expect it to be anything like the one i did. but if i were casting, the only person i would have cast in that part of willy wonka would be johnny depp. >> wilder also delighted audiences in blading saddles and "young frankenstein." >> frankenstein. >> you're putting me on. >> i think a comedy i found is the m do. somewhere in the work, there's a desire to say, where is my heart at now? where is my soul at? and sometimes where is my mind at? and this is what i want to do more than anything else in the world. >> wilder found box office gold when he partnered up with richard pryor. the two made five movies together. ? if you're blue and you don't
1:12 am
>> he made us laugh, making a career out of often being a straight man in absurd situations. but gene himself was a quiet soul. >> i love those films, but they're crazy and bizarre. but i wanted it to be as a real human being. >> notoriously private and humble, wilder once told us he had come to accept the hand that he was dealt. >> i know at this life that i'm never going to please everyone. most of the time, i please most of the people. ? living there you'll be free if you truly wish to be ? >> gene's family said that he chose to keep his alzheimer's private because so many of his young fans still saw him as willy wonka, and he couldn't bear the idea of one less smile in the world. he certainly will be missed.
1:13 am
we go one-on-one with ashton kutcher at home in iowa. >> i got that one down. >> then blake shelton and miranda lambert at the same event as luke bryan gets a little handsy. >> oh, my gosh, luke touching my butt again. >> plus melissa mccarthy's duet disaster with barbra streisand. >> that is ahead. but first this weekend in the entertainment tonight which pop superstar won their first talent show at age 7? is it beyonce, justin bieber, or taylor swift? your you're here to buy a car. what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. that's never really been possible. but along comes a radically new way to buy a car, called truecar. now it is. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is.
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out humira. with humira, control is possible. wow, look out garth brooks. the superstar wondering what ashton kutcher is doing. >> ashton going for it. he sounded better than i would have, which isn't saying a whole lot. ashton took the stage in his hometown of cedar rapids. he opened up about his family like ever before. for instance, his baby girl wyatt is talking up a storm, or maybe i should say swearing up a storm. e.t. online got the details. >> mila comes into the bedroom and says the puppy ppeed, and al of a sudden i hear behind me.
1:17 am
i was like fox. papa said fox. she was like [ boing ] >> now she just says fox out of nowhere. >> do you see her wanting to go into show business? >> no. >> do you think you would let her pursue a career in show business? >> no. i'm doing everything i can to keep her away from you guys, man. >> wyatt stayed home with grandparents, but mama, pregnant mila was there as former nfl player dallas clark hosted the concert benefiting their native fund organization, which assists iowans in need, especially when disaster strikes. >> the whole theme of it is iowans helping iowans, if there is a disaster or something happens, we can actually deploy that manpower and make a real difference. >> it's great to see everyone kind of join hands and kind of form this army, and we're going
1:18 am
>> this guy, blake shelton, also took the stage. but ashton has his own plans for blake, like a guest starring role on his netflix show, the range. >> i watch the voice all the time. he's absolutely fantastic. i want whatever is in his cup. i'd have him on in a second. >> i could see that, but ashton has got to make that happen pretty quickly. they start shooting season two of the ranch next week. get him on there. >> i agree. i want to see it. blake shelton is everywhere by the way. he was in iowa with he and his ex-were also at the same event this week. is acm honors. in the middle of one big love fest backstage with luke bryan getting very friendly. ? >> it started innocently enough with rehearsals. >> walking around seeing my name -- yeah, i'm feeling her up here. yeah, i was too handsy.
1:19 am
i don't mind. >> later at arrival. >> oh, my gosh, luke is touching my butt again. that was on purpose. >> it kways kind of side butt. >> it wasn't a full grab. your wife is over there. >> she gave me permission. >> luke and his sweet heard, caroline, are about to celebrate their 10th anniversary. >> that's a big one. >> don't jinx it. we got to catch luke and cole rehearse their cover of, i love >> i knew if i drank a lot in college, that i wouldn't ever miss a course because it's just i love a rainy night full time. >> thomas ret was still buzzed about his duet with ashton kutcher last saturday. >> we told you blake shelton was in iowa too, but he was also in nashville tuesday at the acm
1:20 am
lambert. blake was also at ray lynn's february wedding. >> you're hanging out about both of them tonight? >> they're both still awesome. >> in honor of upcoming labor day, we had to ask about the oddest jobs people had before making it in music. >> i did have to do telemarketing. >> i sold cell phones and pagers. >> pumping out the cess tanks. >> you could have a second career on dirty jobs. >> i'll do whatever it takes, but this is my favorite >> sophie, now, the acm honors will not air until next friday, september 9th. >> barbra streisand's new album is out now. encore, movie partners sing broadway. so many amazing hollywood stars sing with her on this album. she gave me the secrets behind the celebrity sessions. ? climb every mountain ? >> barbra hand picked all her partners but melissa mccarthy
1:21 am
? any part you can play, i can play better ? >> the first thing she said to me was, i can't sing. >> i'm very willing to come out here and hang out with barbra at any given moment. ? >> now you sing. >> that was good. >> good. >> let me just have this moment. >> the legend has a bit of a bone to pick with melissa. >> melissa was on the everyone said my name wrong. >> i just recorded a duet with barbra streisand. >> even siri gets it wrong. >> barbra streisand. >> barbra says the tech giant will correct it this month. i've got to give myself props for nailing it. >> what's the one thing that barbra streisand must have with her when she's out on tour. >> a person like you that says my name right.
1:22 am
>> streisand. soft s. >> i'm just happy that i got it right. you know what i mean in. >> thank you. ? >> doing these duets with some of hollywood's biggest names today -- >> those are the actors i wanted to direct. so i got a chance to -- it's hard to get a movie on, to even make a movie today if it's not a comic book thing. so i was wanting to work with some of the first actor that i asked to be on the record was hugh jackman. ? any moment now ? >> and who knew alec baldwin could sing. ? you might just be the best thing that has happened to me ? >> well, so far. >> so far? >> alex baldwin. >> fun. just fun. >> new york. >> new york. that song sounded to me like it should be a new yorker. >> anne hathaway.
1:23 am
out to here, ready to burst. no makeup. and she has a beautiful voice. ? >> it was just so fun, so rewarding. >> there really is nobody like barbra streisand, right? >> i don't get jealous of many of your assignments. >> how about this. of your assignments. >> how about this. you'll also hear you know your heart loves megared omega-3s... your brain, and your joints really love them too? introducing megared advanced 4in1... just one softgel
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? sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. well done champ. get gooey, flaky, happy.
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i did everything i could to make her party perfect. almost everything. you know, 1 i n 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x. travel considerations provided by -- look at all those stars with birthdays this weekend. charlie sheen is 51.
1:26 am
damon wayians is 56. take a final look at your choices. which pop superstar won their first talent show at age 7. that is queen bee, beyonce, who is celebrating turning 35 this weekend. >> monday on e.t., as hollywood says good-bye to summer, we show you how to vacation like a star. >> ciao mariah. >> ciao bella. >> that's monday. we're almost out of time this weekend. for all the late breaking hollywood news, go to our website, e.t. >> check out the video featuring bb rex sa featuring the song, in the name of love. >> it's climbing the billboards hot dance electronics. meanwhile, bb got some major oh kudos from britney. >> enjoy the video and the rest of your holiday weekend, everybody. >> bye. >> bye-bye. >> bye. >> bye-bye. ?
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and we're doing it right now, all over the country. >> i actually phoned the hotel to see if this was for real. and they said, "oh, yeah. it is." >> scott's just made it super-easy to expand into real estate, because everything that you need is right here. >> so, what do you think of the event? >> i think it's awesome. i mean, it's, like, making me like, "yes, i have to make that deal -- that first deal." >> absolutely. >> got to do it, like, now. >> announcer: the yancey way to make money in real estate is so effective it's grabbed headlines everywhere. and the a&e network even created a hit tv series about scott called "flipping vegas." and now, scott is going to show you how to start flipping in your area through the free lunch and dinner events he's bringing right here to the local area. and you're invited. >> from what i've learned here and the processes that have been introduced to me, my lifestyle's gonna change. >> announcer: now, here to give you the inside scoop on making money the yancey way is
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hgtv's "designed to sell," rachel reenstra. >> you know, as a longtime hgtv host, i've seen people make a lot of money flipping houses. but i got to tell you, i've never seen a way to profit in real estate like the yancey way. because it requires no previous real estate experience or money to invest, anyone can do it. in fact, scott has received literally thousands of success-story videos from people who have ced with what they've learned at one of his free events. check these videos out. >> hi, scott. i wanted to thank you so much for everything you've done for me. i just wanted to send you a quick video and tell you that, before i went to your free event, i had just filed bankruptcy. and i was sitting on the couch, feeling really sorry for myself. so after i attended your event and learned how to invest in real estate without using any of my own money or credit, i was
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and here i am now at age 70 years old. i flipped over 20 properties. and i just can't tell you how excited i am to have gone to that free event. so, thank you so much. >> hi, scott. this is thom gilbert. and i attended one of your events because my dad had worked his whole life in manual labor, working hard, and i was heading down that same path, realizing that it's not the path i wanted to go down and there had to be a better way. your courses, your training, and your education has allowed me to do 15 deals since starting with you. allowed me to change the path that my dad was on, helped him retire, set up my children for future success in real estate investing, and changed my own destiny, so thank you. >> to learn more about how the yancey way to profit in real estate really works, i went to las vegas to meet scott yancey. now, scott has clearly come a long way from being a $5-an-hour errand runner, but i was just so
1:34 am
he still is and how much passion he has for helping others learn to use real estate to transform their own lives. so, what do you think keeps other people from making money in real estate? >> i absolutely know what it is. it's two things -- knowledge and money. >> what do you mean? >> well, you can have all the money in the world, but if you don't know what you're doing, you're not gonna have success. and if you have the knowledge of how to invest in real estate but you don't have the money, you're not even in the game. >> okay, so, you're saying that >> exactly. and that's what we give people at my events. i can teach anyone to do what i do every day, so knowledge isn't an issue. and my money partners put up the money so my students don't have to use their own. >> so, our viewers don't have to have their own money to invest or qualify for a loan or anything like that? >> no. i already have the money in place. they just need to come to my free event. >> okay. scott, now, people watching this are probably thinking, "what's the catch?" >> definitely. >> you know, i mean, how much of
1:35 am
like, 50%, 25%? >> nope. try less than 5%. >> come on! are you kidding me? >> no, i'm serious. less than 5%. and that only comes out of your profits after each deal is done, not up front, out of your pocket. >> nothing out of your own pocket. okay, that is incredible. so, let me get this straight. your money partners only make money once your students have made money. >> that's exactly right. >> and you're already doing this with people around the country right now, right? >> absolutely. my money partners have already funded thousands of real estate deals for my attendees. and they want to do more deals in all the cities i'm holding my free events in. >> that is amazing. and, once again, there are no special qualifications to be able to do this? i mean, you don't need a real estate license or anything like that? >> no. you don't need some fancy college degree, either. i never got one. at my free events, anyone, any age, from any walk of life,


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